Board of Directors Announces New Executive Director

The Board of Directors of The Welcome to America Project (WTAP) is excited to announce Collin Cunningham as its new executive director effective August 18, 2014. Cunningham brings a wide-breadth of experience in volunteer management and fundraising along with a deep knowledge of refugee resettlement and the refugee population of Phoenix.

“We are so excited to have Collin join our team and lead the organization in the future. After an extensive search, we were fortunate to have a number of great candidates ... Read More

Read About This Week's Families

One family we will visit is originally from Burundi. They travelled from Berundi to  Ethiopia. The husband is originally from the Congo and the  wife is from Burundi. This family of four has one child entering school and another who is walking but still in diapers. They live in a moderately sized first floor apartment with easy access. The couple lived and met in Ethiopia. They lived in a refugee camp for ten years under extremely harsh conditions. Those who live in refugee camps in Ethiopia do not have the option to legalize... Read More