PC’s For Refugees
We welcome with connection. As a part of our mission to connect refugees with technological resources as a means to speeding their paths to self sufficiency, we partner with PC’s for Refugees. Jobs, education and access to community are in closer reach with a computer.
We welcome with melody. We partner with HeartBEATS, a youth led organization dedicated to creating meaningful connections between the Phoenix refugee community and our volunteers through music programs and activities. HeartBEATS provides music kits to share with our Saturday Welcomes and host music activities at our clothing closets.
Valencia Newcomer School
We welcome with instruction. We have a unique relationship with Valencia Newcomer School which is a K-8 school made up of refugee children in their first year of U.S. schooling. In the Alhambra Elementary School District (AESD). This school is designed to ready newly arrived students to acclimate to new academic environment requirements so they are ready to attend their local AESD campus. WTAP supports this school with back-to-school night clothing closets, computer distribution for on-line visits and welcomes/deliveries for families in need.
We welcome with passion. What better way to say hello than to share a refugee’s passion for soccer! Through Freekicks, we leave soccer balls at every welcome and every clothing closet. WTAP is working with Freekicks to sponsor a refugee soccer team: FC Congo AZ
Phantom Cyclist
We welcome with wheels. Transportation is a major challenge for refugees who must rely on public transportation to travel to jobs, college, English classes, doctor appointments, shopping and more. We partner with Phantom Cyclists to make sure our refugees have access to bikes.