WTAP serves refugees who have recently been relocated to the Phoenix area through the U.S. State Department. These refugees are supported by local resettlement agencies that help with their transition. These families have usually been in refugee camps for 10+ years and come from countries all over the world. The refugees we help are on a special visa and can ultimately become U.S. citizens. They are highly motivated, resourceful and eager to start a new life. They develop strong ties to their new communities, make active contributions, work hard and pay taxes. They are expected to be self sufficient within 6 months of arrival.
2022 WTAP has Welcomed and served 2000+ Refugees primarily from Afghanistan, Syria, DRC, Honduras, Iraq, Eritrea, and Guatemala
What is Resettlement?
Resettlement is the selection and transfer of refugees from a country in which they have sought protection to a third country that has granted them permission to stay on the basis of long-term or permanent residence status. It is a solution that ensures refugees are protected against refoulment (forced return), provides them access to rights similar to those enjoyed by citizens and gives them an opportunity to eventually become citizens of the resettlement country.
How does the resettlement process work in the U.S.?
The United States conducts a rigorous vetting process to determine whether to accept a refugee for resettlement. The entire process takes approximately two years and involves the following steps:
How many refugees are admitted to the U.S. each year?
The United States has a long tradition of welcoming refugees. In September 2021, the U.S. announced that the maximum number of refugees admitted to the country in 2022 will be 125,000 — the highest number since 1993.